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Tag based Proximity Warning and Alert system

Vigil Safety Technologies (VST) manufactures electronic safety systems under license from Vigil Technologies, LLC., USA.

Vigil SiteSafe™ is a real time RFID Transponder Tag based Proximity Warning & Alert System (TB-PWAS), a product developed in compliance with global majors’ requirements for proximity warning systems for construction sites and work laydowns.

The product is designed to promote site safety by protecting workers from moving construction equipment.

It is the World’s first modular system with numerous enhancements inbuilt including a real time response system with a data logger to record event history.

The system uses high power receivers and antenna to achieve necessary range and distance detection and includes several connectivity options including USB and Bluetooth (BT) interfaces for mobile/tablet app and PC software connectivity.

NOTE : USB and/or BT device connection not needed during normal operation on the field.

The key components of the system include :

  • System Control Unit – SCU (SCU-111) with built - in Operator Response Unit (ORU)
  • Transponder Tags (VRT-211)
  • Front & Rearview Closed-Circuit Camera System – FRVCCS (VCS-311)
  • Antennae (VRA-411) – Single or Dual
  • Cable & Accessories Kit (VAC-911)

The main features of Vigil SiteSafe™ are:

  • Active RFID based control unit and transponder tags to operate and detect intrusions within an adjustable distance of 3 meters to 15 meters around a 360⁰ perimeter
  • High speed read-write active tags with superior anti-collision features
  • On board data logging of intrusions and other events
  • USB and Bluetooth based connectivity to PC software and Android App for system configuration and data log access
  • Waterproof (IP69K) heavy duty industrial grade 170⁰ view angle 0 lux visibility cameras
  • Waterproof (IP67)heavy duty industrial grade high contrast 7” four way display with remote
  • System Control Unit (SCU) with integrated Operator Response Unit (ORU) housed in compact heavy duty waterproof (IP67) aluminium alloy enclosure with LED pushbutton reset switch and 80dB buzzer
  • High power antennae for improved field coverage
  • RoHS compliant components

Why Vigil SiteSafe™ ?

Let us ask you a question. Can we save lives on our sites only with these?

Workers on sites face constant risk from moving equipment. Man-machine incidents are increasing due to reduced project timelines and increased machine use, and prevailing safety procedures are unable to ensure complete worker safety.

Accidents are resulting in loss of lives and therefore Vigil SiteSafe™ is designed to foster a zero accident environment to:

How Vigil SiteSafe™ Works?

Vigil SiteSafe™ uses active RFID tags that are placed on personnel objects that need to be detected. The SCU houses the main system control unit and constantly monitors the tags in real time and responds depending upon the tag type/ID. Once a person or object is detected within the set range of the equipment on which the SCU is installed, the ORU alerts the operator who can take necessary action to avoid incidence and the SCU records the relevant events to the on-board data log that can be accessed using the software or app. Simultaneously, the secondary protection system consisting of a high contrast display connected to the cameras also provides visuals of blind areas to the operator so he can make necessary manoeuvres, if needed. A range of 3 meters to 15 meters can be set in the system.

Data that can be logged includes but is not limited to the following events:

Settings & Operations:

  • System ID, date & time
  • Connection interface type
  • Data log erase and/or download
  • Gain
  • Mode
  • Power status
  • Buzzer status


  • RTags
  • NTags
  • Date/Time
  • Distance
  • GPS coordinates

This allows the safety management to analyse the safety behaviour of site workers and implement safety procedures as needed.

Product Specifications

System Control Unit (SCU)

  • Power Input: 12 – 72 V DC (to cater to all battery voltages of different equipment models)
  • ORU: Integrated operator response unit with LED pushbutton reset switch and 80 dB buzzer
  • Type: Compact Aluminum Alloy – Light weight and easy to install rugged use enclosure
  • Detection: Multi Tag - Native known protocol (proprietary)
  • Data Log: 10,000 event storage capacity
  • Modes: Auto & Manual (For Alarm Silencing/Reset)
  • Range: Software/Hardware Gain Setting from 0 to 15 meters and above
  • Interfaces: Mobile/Tablet – Android and PC – Windows Vista and all upgrades.
  • N-tags: User settable (up to 5 tags that shall not activate buzzer – drivers/operators/maintenance     personnel, etc.)
  • Ingress Protection: IP 67

System Control Unit (SCU)

High Frequency Antennae

  • Wide range of antennae that are installed depending upon site conditions and equipment size
  • Low power – high range
  • Omni-directional 360⁰ coverage
  • Waterproof outdoor use design



Cable Kit

  • Wide range of cables that are installed depending upon equipment size
  • Waterproof outdoor use type


Windows Software

Android App (Mobile/Tablet)

Product Options/Modes

Modes of Operation: Automatic or Manual


VST offers several expandable options Vigil SiteSafe as listed below -

  • GPS Tracker GPS Tracker
    • Offline GPS position logging
  • GSM Connectivity GSM Connectivity
    • GPS online tracking
    • Data log online access
    • Online safety monitoring
  • OBD Interface OBD Interface
    • Option for high risk/noisy areas
    • Interface for auto vehicle off via OBD
    • Available for select vehicles with OBD port
  • x-Gen Tags  x-Gen Tags
    • High risk area usage
    • On-tag buzzer and vibrator
    • Solar/power rechargeable battery pack

Data Log

A typical representation of the data log is shown below*: